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September 5, 2013
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Ikehara High Application : Yukiko Palao by Kara2karamel Ikehara High Application : Yukiko Palao by Kara2karamel
An update that's gathering virtual dust.
Decided to finally upload it :iconrazycryplz: //flees

|・ω・`) ...So I've gathered all the non-existent guts I have and apply for :iconikehara-high:

For anyone who's interested, please do check the group out.

Name: Palao, Yukiko
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Birthday: December 20th
Class: 1A
Club: Art Club
Height: 5'2 ft / 157 cm
Weight: 48 kg / 106 lbs
Quote: "It doesn't matter."
Status: Single. Not interested(?)

:bulletwhite: Personality:

Yukiko is socially awkward and would rather listen than join or start a conversation with others, because of this, She can be insensitive and may say the wrong thing at the wrong time without realizing it. She takes almost everything at her own pace and is indifferent to things that doesn't interest her in the slightest. Although she may not show it but she welcomes anyone that'll be able to accept her and will lend her help if needed, she doesn't judge anyone by their looks, social status or 'how the story goes' and will act according to what she thinks or is seen of you. If she sees that she's the one who's in the wrong, she'll admit her mistakes and will try her best to fix it and repent for any offense she committed. She hides her feelings and thoughts but will gradually open up to anyone that she trusts.

:bulletwhite: History:
Mother- Japanese
Father- Filipino
Sibling/s- An elder sister, & a younger brother.

Yukiko was born and raised in the Philippines. At the time of her entering the age of 5, she was left along with her siblings in the care of their grandparents while her parents decided to go back to Japan to find work. As she grows up, her siblings were one by one moved to Japan to live alongside with their parents and by the age of 12 she was the only one left still living with her grandparents. That didn't pose any problem for her for she loves her homeland and wouldn't trade it for anything. She continued living in the Philippines for another 2 years until her parents came to a decision to finally make her live with the rest of the family in Japan. Even though it is against her will, she had no choice but to follow her parents' wishes and leave.

Because she's not aware or knowledgeable about Japan's cultures and traditions she made a lot of embarrassing mistakes that made her very conscious about her actions until she became socially awkward and most of the time unapproachable, she had a hard time getting along with other people and most of them just shrugs her off or make fun of her which made her timidness grew much worse. At that time, her fascination for the internet kept on growing until she started skipping classes, and then one day, became a hikikomori instead. The sudden withdrawal of their daughter made the father worried and her mother to just ignore it. She just stayed at her home for almost a year until her father can't tolerate it anymore and took a course of action.

He then enrolled Yukiko--despite her objections- into Ikehara High in order for her to fix herself back up and start her life again from the beginning, for the time being, her father banned her from visiting them--nor the Philippines for that matter-- until she returns to the Yukiko they once knew.

:bulletblack: Internet
:bulletblack: Computer
:bulletblack: Sleep/nap
:bulletblack: Horror and fictional stories
:bulletblack: Coffee

:bulletblack: Physical activities/exercise/labor--Anything that requires strength and endurance
:bulletblack: Loud disturbances, motormouths, basically any distractions that emit sounds
:bulletblack: Insects
:bulletblack: Morning
:bulletblack: Slow internet connection
:bulletblack: Gossiping

Additional Information:
:bulletblack: Love/hate relationship: Snow, art/drawing, people, videogames
:bulletblack: She usually only get 3 hrs of sleep for the night and the rest continues on the classes.
:bulletblack: She can only run for a maximum of 2 minutes.
:bulletblack: She always keeps a voodoo doll with her.
:bulletblack: She always wears hoodies/jackets regardless about the weather/season or place.
:bulletblack: Because she takes everything at her own pace, she usually ends up procastinating her schoolworks.
:bulletblack: It is possible that she might act out her Pilipino manners out of habit without realizing it.
:bulletblack: Though being born in the Philippines, her mother named her Yukiko which means "snow child" due to giving birth in the winter season in Japan.

Sorry for the terrible handwriting. If there's in need of any editing please kindly inform me. |・ω・`)

...I-I tried my best... really. ( ̄◇ ̄; )
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Iyorin Featured By Owner May 27, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
KARAAA its been so long since you uploaded a thing //sobs 
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OTL I'm trapped in the haze and can't get out-- //sobs harder
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Iyorin Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
its okay kara uvu tbh i, myself actually have a lil crush of kuro-chan 
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...though... as long as you got nothing for soda or the neet then we're all good :iconmhmmmplz: //trucked
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